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Save Money with Laser Hair Removal

One of the main reasons people might consider getting laser hair removal is to save money in the long run. With no more need for razors, creams, gels, strips or wax, it’s easy to see how quickly laser hair removal can pay for itself.

How Much Does Standard Shaving Cost?

Considering the average price of some standard shaving products:

Shaving Cream (every 2 Months) – $3

Standard Shaving Razor – $12

Replacement Blades (Every 2 Months) – $20

Yearly Cost: $150.

After 5 Years: $750

After 10 Years: $1500

Save on Time & Money

Not only will you save big money in the long run, but you will also save lots of time as well. Considering how long a shave takes, and what area of the body you are shaving. For men, it might be the back or chest, for women the legs. Averaging about 15-30 mins per shave, every week, that’s almost 2 hours a month. Over a year, that’s now 24 hours – a whole day. Over 5 years, you’ve now spent 120 hours shaving. That’s five days! Imagine the convenience and care-free attitude you could have with permanent laser hair removal.

What About Other Hair Removal Methods?


Using specialty creams, lotions, roll-ons and foams that contain chemicals that break down the hair the surface level. This type of hair removal can irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions, and can be messy and sometimes unpleasant. It can also be difficult to treat large areas like the arms and legs.


Hot or cold waxing can quickly strip away hair at the follicle level, leaving the skin smooth. This method can be very painful, and hair must be grown out to allow for proper waxing. It can also sometimes result in ingrown hairs.


Epilators work a lot like electric shavers, but instead of trimming the hair, it removes the follicle under the skin. This method is quite slow, as the device can only remove a little hair at a time. It can also be quite uncomfortable, and the cost can be quite high.

The Solution

Laser hair removal gives you the benefits of saved time, money and convenience, with no hassle or drawbacks. Simply book an appointment at Custom Laser Hair Removal and we take care of the rest. Curious about prices? Visit our price list here. Or, if you’d like to find out more information on how laser hair removal works, visit our about section.


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