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Why You Need to Stop Waxing Today!

Some people have gotten used to the string of waxing, and when compared to laser hair removal, decided that waxing is cheaper, faster and easier. But those looking for true hair removal will know to turn to laser hair removal, and here’s why:

1. Laser Lasts Forever

Stop looking for those wax strips every six weeks. Once you’ve had enough laser hair removal sessions, you are free from unsightly hair growth for life. No more Brazilians, no more hairy legs, just clean and clear for good! Best of all, laser leaves the skin unharmed afterwards, so you can start enjoying your new look right away!

2. Laser Saves Money in the Long Run

No more trips to the store, no more post-treatment moisturizers, and no more waxing strips. On first treatment, laser hair removal is more expensive. As laser hair removal is permanent, your results will begin to pay for themselves after 6 months or a year, and after 5 years, you’ll have saved far more money than you would’ve by doing traditional waxing.

3. Laser is Better for Your Skin

Waxing and plucking both can lead to ingrown hairs and damage to the upper layer of the skin. Whereas a laser will target and destroy a hair follicle completely, waxing simply removes it temporarily. Over time, getting used to the laser used in laser hair removal will make treatments easier and after care a breeze.

4. Laser Works Faster

Laser hair removal procedures depend on many things, such as – the color of the hair, coarseness, skin type, and how well your body responds to the laser. As compared to a lifetime of shaving, a couple of sessions of laser hair removal will see much faster, far superior results to traditional hair removal. And once the last treatment is completed, you can say “goodbye” to all your waxes, creams, razors and strips!

Want to learn more about laser hair removal? Visit Custom Laser Hair Removal in Kelowna today for a no-risk consultation, or by calling 250-861-1141!


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