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Kelowna Laser Hair Removal Cost

You’ve decided you want to ditch the razor and get permanent laser hair removal. What surprises people most about laser hair removal cost is how affordable it is, when compared to a lifetime of shaving. Let’s get started:

Upper body:

Upper Lip: $70

Chin/Neckline: $75-135

Full Face: $200

Upper Arm: $150

Full Arm: $300

Underarm: $100

Full Back (Male): $500

Full Beard: $200

Lower Body:

Brazilian/Californian: $175

Bikini: $150

Bikini/ Underarm: $200 – 225

Lower Legs with Feet: $325

Full Thigh/ Brazilian: $450

Full Thigh/ Bikini: $400

Full Leg with Brazilian/ Californian: $700

Male Brazilian: $225

Male Bikini: $175

Find out how you can make this the best summer yet with Custom Laser Hair Removal! Call today for more information or email us at


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