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The Ins-and-Outs of Electrolysis

If you are considering electrolysis hair removal and have any questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

How It Works:

There are three different kinds of electrolysis: Galvanic (thick hair), Thermolysis (thin hair) & Blend (large patches).

Galvanic, or Galvanic Electrolysis, transmits a direct electrical charge to the hair follicle. Once the charge hits the hair bulb (the tissue where the hair begins growing) it causes a chemical reaction, producing sodium hydroxide. NaOH, otherwise known as lye, is a caustic agent that can be harmful to living tissue. However, Galvanic electrolysis releases just a small amount of NaOH, just enough to not be toxic. It cauterizes the follicle, and removes thick, coarse hairs from the body.

Thermolysis is used to remove thin, fine hairs from the body, such as those found on the face or neck. Instead of a direct current, like the one found in Galvanic treatments, thermolysis needles send a high-frequency alternating current to individual hairs. This current travels down to the hair bulb, heating the area to a high temperature to cause cauterization.

Blend method refers to a combination of Galvanic & Thermolysis. This method is used for large areas of hair, like legs, arms, chest or back. This method removes both coarse and fine hairs.

Hair grows in different stages: growing, resting and shedding. Not all hair is at the same stage at a time, so multiple sessions of electrolysis are required in order to be effective.


Electrolysis is universal, so it is effective no matter what hair or skin type you are. Discoloration can occur, but only when the process is performed improperly. You will never have to worry about that at Custom Laser Hair Removal.

How To Prepare for Treatment:

Follow these easy steps for seamless electrolysis hair removal treatment:

  • Avoid other hair removal methods up to 2 weeks before your treatment. They will make the process more difficult.
  • Consider getting a skin test done before hand to avoid having an allergic reaction.
  • Remember to remain calm and relaxed during the process, it will make the healing process faster.
  • Be sure to apply an antiseptic cream following treatment to soothe the sensitive area.
  • Plan your treatments, there will likely be many of them.

Custom Laser Hair Removal uses only the highest quality machines and trained technicians to perform your laser hair removal. We take pride in a job well done, and have a long list of satisfied clients. Find out more about the process here or contact us to set up an appointment today.


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