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Dispelling Laser Hair Removal Myths

When considering Laser Hair Removal Kelowna residents can easily find many pros and cons listed on the Internet, sometimes with conflicting information. Some of the information found is factual while other parts are pure myth. In order to make a good decision it is important to sort out the fact from fiction.

Myth #1: The technique is not Safe

Truth: President Howard Burak of Permalaser Clinic, located in Montreal reports any system approved by both the FDA and Health Canada are considered safe. According to Mr. Burak, one should inquire about the type of unit being used. Some locations use less expensive lasers that may not be approved by one or both of these agencies. Clients who choose devices determined safe have no worries about the device’s safety.

Myth #2: The Process Can Cause an Increase in Growth

Truth: Burak says if this were true, the device would make the perfect cure for baldness. These machines cannot cause an increase in the growth. As you age, your body is constantly changing. Some people suffer the loss of follicles and some grow them in new places. While use of the device destroys the existing follicles, new ones may develop to take their place.

Myth #3: The Process Works Equally For All People

Truth: Before starting treatment, one should meet the technician in order to discuss the types or results to be expected. Actual results vary greatly. Some factors include skin type, hair colour and skin tone. While more difficult than many other colours, red haired people can be successfully treated using the right unit. However, due to the lack of pigment in white or grey haired individuals, the lasers cannot identify follicles in the skin of these individuals.

Myth # 4: Treatments Expose Clients to Radiation

Truth: The removal lasers emit no radiation. While radiation exists between the light barriers of lasers, it is unable to exit that space. The recipient of the therapy is kept safe from any radioactive dangers.

Myth #5: The Process can be Completed in a Single Long Session

Truth: Regardless of what you may hear, Burak says it is not possible to complete the treatment in a single session. The growth cycle of follicles means some grow in at different times, making it impossible to target all growth in a single session. The only way all follicles can be destroyed is to treat, allow the other follicles to grow and target them with the machine. The process will require more than one session.

What Consumers Should Know Before Agreeing to Therapy

When considering Laser Hair Removal Kelowna locals should begin by consulting with a reputable clinic before any therapy begins. Find out if the devices to be used have won the approval of Health Canada as well as the FDA before they are used. Ask the technician about the results to be expected for your skin and hair color. Be sure that you inform the technician of any medications you are currently using. The treatments can cause adverse side effects with certain medications, and consumers taking them should not proceed.


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