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You don’t have to live with unwanted hair. The results are here!

Custom Laser Hair Removal has a proven track record; we use state-of-the-art LightSheer Diode laser technology. We want our service and results to beat your expectations! This is one of the things that separates us from our competition, and we are thrilled to show you a few examples of the results we have provided to our happy and hair-free clients over the years. Who needs unnecessary packages?

Area: Full Brazilian
Sex: F
Number of Procedures: Improvement after 5 treatments.
Info: LightSheer Diode lasers at CLHR offer permanent correction of ingrown hair and associated blemishes, not to mention permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth! Be more confident! Go hair-free permanently with CLHR and get more than you anticipate for your results!

Area: California Bikini
Sex: F
Number of Procedures: 5
Info: Be more confident! Lose the ingrown blemishes and prevent new ones! Excellent improvement of chronic ingrown hair due to waxing/shaving of coarse hair.

Area: Full Back
Sex: M
Number of Procedures: Permanent reduction one year after 3rd treatment.
Info: Excellent target area for great results.

Area: Brazilian
Sex: F
Number of Procedures: Permanent reduction five years after 2 treatments!
Info: Lose the hair and save! Get 25% Off your first bikini treatment – see what the specialists at CLHR can do for you!

Area: Brazilian
Sex: F
Number of Procedures: Reduction after just 3 treatments!
Info: Smooth skin is in! Have a worry-free bikini line everyday with fewer treatments than our competitors.

Area: Underarm
Sex: F
Number of Procedures: Removal after 6th treatment.
Info: Excellent target area for both men & women of any age!

Area: Sternum & Areola
Sex: M
Number of Procedures: Reduction after 4th treatment.
Info: Great procedure for clients with sparse or heavy growth at chest area.


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